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The other day I spent hours putting together a rather impressive PowerPoint presentation for my college class and, as a graphic and web designer, I was wondering if there were a way to present this presentation on my website. This presentation that I made had many smart macro objects and extensive transition and animation effects and thought that it would be awesome if I could showcase that on my website.

Surely I found some PowerPoint to Flash converters out there, but in an age of responsive web design and highly-prevalent mobile browsing this simply would not suffice.

One of the companies offering this PowerPoint to Flash conversion software was iSpring Solutions. Upon further review of their site I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had developed a modern version of their software that uses HTML5 vs. Flash. For those of you that don’t know why this is such a big deal, the majority of the mobile browsers today do not support adobe flash so developers have made the transition to animating and presenting objects in a feature-rich language titled HTML5.

I downloaded the free trial from their site, installed it, and opened my PowerPoint presentation. The ease of use of this plug-in is impeccable, I simply navigated to the iSpring tab and clicked publish. I was then presented with a variety of options to choose from in terms of how I would like the presentation to look. iSpring provides you with the ability to have a slide overview sidebar with optional notes for each slide. It also provides presentation navigation controls, but it also accepts on-click advancements anywhere on the slides. One of my favorite options has to be the “Fit To Window” presentation size option. With this option enabled my presentations auto-fit their viewers windows offering the best responsive presentation experience possible. There are various other options that let users select the quality of their presentation in multiple areas as well as options to maximize compatibility.

Below I have attached links to two presentations created with iSpring and I am extremely impressed; my presentations look great, my animations and macros are intact, my fonts are all available, my photos and videos are converted and web-ready, and my transition animations work flawlessly. This software is incredible and I only see it getting better from here on out!

You’ve done impressive work here iSpring Solutions, Thank You!

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